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Liquid Speed Tire Prep


LS1 – Internal and external prep for dry, hot, high bite tracks. LS1 can be used both internally and externally on all brands of tires. For internal use – LS1 is mainly used on natural rubber style tires (i.e. Burris and Vega.)

LS2 – External prep for dry, medium to high bite tracks. LS2 is used externally on all brands of tires. Weekly use – Unlike the LS1, LS2 will build more bite, but will also soften to a certain extent.

LS3 – Internal and external prep for cold, dry, lower to medium bite tracks. LS3 has the same bite building characteristics as LS2, but is designed to be used in cold weather, lower bite situations. LS3 works exceptionally well on indoor dirt tracks, or outdoor clay tracks with a high sand content.

LS4 – External prep for wet, low bite tracks. Also used in extreme dry slick, sealed over situations when a “wet” tire is required. LS4 is a softener, unlike any of the other chemicals in the Liquid Speed line.

TS1 (Trackside 1) – External prep for dry, hot, and dry slick tracks. A fast drying, very light prep used for “firing” tires on good biting tracks. Weekly use – it is not advised to use TS1 during the week. Trackside use

TS2 (Trackside 2) – External prep for dry, medium bite tracks. This is an extreme bite builder, used for creating bite when used alone, with little to no durometer drop. TS2 can be mixed with any other LS preps to create more bite in that particular prep, mainly used track side.

Weight 2.40 oz

LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, TS1, TS2


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